JR Rodriguez IV Photography

My wife and I are both professional photographers. We shoot weddings, pre-nuptuals, events, debuts, concerts, shows, parties, etc.

We are proud to be members of the Camera Club Of The Philippines, founded in 1928, it is the oldest known continually existing camera club in our country, and in Asia.

I can't leave the house without a camera, and I bring it wherever I go, whatever I do, whenever that is.

I also love to share my knowledge and experiences! If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to ask and I'll answer to the best of my abilities.

Contact persons – JR Rodriguez IV / Arianne Rodriguez

Studio: #8 Temple Drive, Green Meadows III, Quezon City

  • [02] 437-4232
  • [02] 634-3668
  • [02] 634-3669 (Fax)
  • [0922] 700-0399 (JR)
  • [0923] 400-4777 (Arriane)